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No7, Beauty, Make-up, Boots, Match Made

If we haven’t already established, I’m a pretty huge fan of the No7 range from Boots – both the skincare and the make-up. Which is why I was pretty much on board straight away when their Match Made service came along. They promise to find your perfect fit when it comes to make-up; using their devices they read your skin tone and find your match in foundation and concealer.

No7, Beauty, Make-up, Boots, Match Made

So it turns out I’m a “cool vanilla”. It’s notoriously hard to match my skin tone – I have what should be a relatively normal tone, but often have to go paler than expected, despite the redness! Cool vanilla sounded about right, and when I tried the foundation and concealer, I was astoundingly surprised to find how well it fit. I haven’t really looked back, using the foundation and concealer brushes also recommended to me (I’m such a sucker).

No7, Beauty, Make-up, Boots, Match Made

But then the Match Made service went one step further – promising to find your perfect lipstick for your skin tone. Using a card with a selection of colours in both their Stay Perfect and Moisture Drench ranges, you can pick the ideal pink or red. Although sorely tempted, I didn’t pick up ALL of the choices… but I did get the Stay Perfect lipstick in Raspberry Blush; a warm, rich pink that screams of summer. And, as promised, it matches my tone – nothing too orange to bring out the redness, and nothing too dark to pale me look pale.

No7, Beauty, Make-up, Boots, Match Made

A lot of make-up ranges promise to match your skintone, give you that perfect look. But I have never really found my perfect shade – always a touch too dark or too light. No7, rather than overdoing it and promising magical results, have promised a good skin match. Admittedly, it doesn’t do huge amounts else – you need to use both foundation and concealer for good coverage, and invest in a mattifying powder because you do risk shine – but it gives you a flawless look of not-wearing-make-up. And, thanks to the lipstick, the picture-perfect smile.

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