5 Social Apps You May Not Have Heard Of

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1. Emojli

Who needs words when you have emojis? Emojli is an app where you communicate entirely using emojis. From your screenname to your messages, you have to communicate the nuances of meaning using a combination of animals, food, expressions and, everyone’s favourite, the smiling pile of poo. It can be difficult to remember who your friends are, and to work out what on earth they are on about – but that’s half the fun.

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2. Wish

For the shopaholics out there, Wish is a great app to get some bargains and find things you’ll love. It’s a social app – sharing things with your friends can earn you rewards and discounts. The basic premise is that you do the marketing work for the companies, and the savings they make on advertising are passed on to you.

Secret, App, Social

3. Secret

Perhaps building on the Post Secret popularity, Secret gives you the opportunity to share secrets anonymously with your friends, and with the world. Users can share and ‘heart’ secrets, spreading them virally across the globe. So if you have something you are burning to share, but can’t do so in any other way, or you’re just nosy and like to know what other people are hiding, check out Secret.

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4. Vine

Create and share short looping videos with your friends and the world. With only six seconds to work with, Vines are microblogging for those who like video format. You can share to the Vine network, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Yo, App, Social

5. Yo

Sometimes you just want to let people know you’re thinking about them. With a couple of clicks, Yo sends those friends a simple, brief message. Yes, it tells them ‘Yo’. With its gaudy colours and bold text, Yo’s appeal may share the same brevity as the message it allows you to send, but for a little while, it’s kind of fun.

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