It’s NaNo Time Again!

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I can’t believe it’s been a whole year I’ve been writing these articles for House of Blog – but the fact that my first post ever was about NaNoWriMo means that anniversary must be coming up very shortly. As it is that time again…

Will you be taking part this year? I am, after a fashion. I’m hoping to hijack the momentum and energy of NaNo to make some forward progress on a project. This might not mean sitting down to write 1667 words every day, but I’ll be substituting other tasks in. If I complete those tasks, it will count as ‘words.’

A tad confusing, and a bit cheaty really, but I’ve always thought that you need to use these sorts of things in a way that suits you. Make the most of opportunities in whatever way you can.

If you haven’t done NaNo before – I highly recommend it. It’s difficult to get motivated in the dark winter months. The allure of hot chocolate, duvets and watching and re-watching episodes of The Walking Dead is strong (or is that just me?) and the prospect of sitting in your study and plugging away at your laptop with frozen fingers isn’t the most inviting. (The frozen finger thing may just be me as well – we try not to turn our heating on until it’s positively arctic outside. I’ve taken to typing with driving gloves on.)

NaNo, by some mysterious magic, makes all those wintery issues somehow surmountable. The buzz of the community and the challenge of the task of writing 50,000 words in a month keep you motivated much more than you otherwise are. And though it might not produce the best writing, you’ll have something by the end of the month that you can polish and improve. And it will likely be a lot more than you would otherwise have had.

If you are planning on doing it – Good Luck! You probably know you’ll need it. But just remember, win or lose, it’s an achievement. So get those notes together, start to think of your characters and plot ideas.

And I’ll see you at the finish line!

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