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Ever thought it would be useful to have your very own Wikipedia for your story ideas? Need ways to keep track of the eye colours and personality quirks of all the different character in your novel?

Lots of writers swear by ‘book bibles’ – a physical or virtual record of all these little details, and easy reference tool to refer back to when editing and checking those irritating continuity issues. VoodooPad is a piece of software you can use as your story bible – a wiki creator that allows you to jump seamlessly between linked topics and characters.

Within your VoodooPad document, you create pages for each of your topics – for instance characters, settings, key plot points. The pages have the name you give them, but can also be given aliases, for examples a page about a character called ‘John Smith’ could also be called ‘John’ or ‘Johnny’, or any other name the character is referred to as. When creating a second page for a different character, any time you type any of the names for John Smith’s page, VoodooPad automatically creates a link on that word back to the page. The more pages you create, the more they will start to automatically link and interconnect, creating an organic network of information about your story that’s easy to navigate and search.

VoodooPad has a simple, clean interface with some basic options for text editing. You can attach images to pages and link to websites, making this a brilliant tool for storing information that would take forever to write out in a story bible. And with a search bar to help you find exactly the nugget of information you need, you’ll reduce time wasted searching through reams of paper too.

There’s loads more you can use this clever piece of software for – looking at the list of updates for the latest version, it’s clear it can do far more than I’ll ever use it for. But as a writer, it’s invaluable as a place to store ideas and information. For the quick navigation between documents, the search function and the simplicity of the design, I love using VoodooPad for my story bibles.

The software is free to try for as long as you want, but you are limited to only 8 or so pages in your wiki. The complete package costs £27.99 for computer, but other versions are available for mobile devices.

VoodooPad: Available for Mac and Apple Mobile Devices

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