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Last year we visited Warwick Castle with the Smalls as part of a Mike the Knight press event and when we heard that he was visiting again this year we couldn’t help but go again because it had been so much fun for us and the kids.

When Mike the Knight (of CBeebies fame) is visiting the castle there is a selection of themed activities set up beside the (now empty) moat for children to join in with (free of charge). They get a free exclusive edition of the Mike the Knight magazine and a matching flag and can work on their target practise with beanbags, race hobby horses in Galahad’s Gallop, build castles with the giant squishy bricks and join in with various colouring and craft activities.

The Small’s highlight, of course, was meeting Mike the Knight himself and also having a personal mini magic show from Mike’s little sister Evie (it took two magic tricks to get Arthur to finally concede that maybe she was the real Evie after all, much to my amusement!)

Mike the Knight, Warwick Castle, Days out, Children

By far our favourite Mike the Knight activity though, was the Dragon Egg Hunt which led us through Warwick Castle’s beautiful grounds – everywhere from the rose gardens to the mill – and the Smalls enjoyed practising their letters to find the final clue for the last egg.

As well as enjoying the Mike the Knight activities we explored many of the other things Warwick Castle has to offer – vast grounds with gardens, trees, the river and lots of peacocks, watching the Warwick Warriors display of sword fighting and blade mastery, seeing eagles soar onto the Castle towers above us, playing in the adventure playground and exploring the Great Hall and State Rooms.

Mike the Knight, Warwick Castle, Days out, Children

We particularly enjoyed the Warwick Royal Weekend Party exhibit which lead us through 12 formerly private apartments set up to show all the goings on front and back of house at a Royal party in the late 1890s. The wax figures were amazing and it was great to be able to explore even more of the castle itself and see how it would have looked when it was inhabited. You can even finish your visit by watching the impressive Trebuchet fling a fireball across the grounds, although we missed it on this visit the Smalls still talk about it from last time we went!

If you are feeling energetic, you can brave the Tower and Ramparts walk and all 536 steps up and down them! It is totally worth it for the view on a clear day though, and that’s coming from someone with a ridiculous fear of spiral staircases.

Mike the Knight, Warwick Castle, Days out, Children

There is plenty more to do at Warwick Castle – so much that I’m sure there’s no way you could squish it all into one day. We didn’t go into the Merlin Tower, or any of the other storylined sections, as the Smalls aren’t quite old enough to appreciate them yet and wouldn’t have the patience to hang around whilst Caius and I explored them. We will just have to come back again to do those bits. (Although the Merlin Tower closed at the start of this month to be replaced with a new attraction which hasn’t been announced yet!)

There is also the Castle Dungeons attraction which Caius and I would have liked to visit but is not for the faint hearted (or under 10s) so we will have to wait for a visit where we are with someone else who can Small-sit whilst we go experience the gore and gunge of the dungeons.

Mike the Knight is not always at Warwick Castle but they run various themed events throughout the year – just check out the website for details of what’s on when you want to visit.

To book your tickets for Warwick Castle (and get an online booking discount) visit this page.

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