The Big Move

Tuesday 16 December 2014 by

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So last Thursday I made the final move.

I am now an official Londoner. East Londoner to be exact. I packed all my worldly goods in to the back of Little Sis’ car, and drove the M25 (*shudder*) to my new home.

I said an age ago that I would be moving to London; with my new job and big plans with the blog (and new role as a committee member for the Society of Young Publishers), it all meant that I would need to move closer to where it was. Originally looking at South East London, I quickly realised that it would mean almost as bad a commute as I already had, and was recommended East London as an alternative.

So here I am – ten minutes away from Stratford station, with a room all of my own. I have already experienced an SYP event and work Christmas party (and being able to stay for the whole night instead of legging it for a train), Christmas shopping in Westfield (I feared for my life), and a night out in Piccadilly that involved my first ever night bus.

Am I ready for London? I feel it. I feel excited to be branching out in to a new phase of my life. But there is also fear there too; it’s a big step for my career (all aspects), and London is so expensive I could risk bankrupting myself. But it feels like a risk worth taking, and with 2015 just around the corner I want it to be a big year – to prove to myself that perhaps I can follow through with some of those well-intentioned New Years’ Resolutions I keep talking about.

So here it goes. And here it goes for a big 2015.

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