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It’s about the time of year that we start to look ahead at what next year will bring. Christmas is almost upon us and, in typical impatient style; we are already looking beyond to see what’s next. So what is next? A New Year, New You? Are you finally going to do all those things that you said you would at the beginning of this year? Are you going to lose weight, climb a mountain, become famous?

It doesn’t really matter what you promise yourself, you usually know that New Year’s Resolutions are there to be broken, and that you can just add it to next year’s list if you don’t make it this time. Honestly, I’m just as guilty of this.

This time, I swore I would get my eating habits back on track. For the last few months, I’ve slipped from healthy eating to cramming whatever junk food is nearest to me. I could easily blame it on the stress of a new job, moving house, and all sorts. But the fact of the matter is that I’ve been lazy. I need to give myself a good shake and tell myself to get on with it.

I dabbled with the idea of the Whole 30 for January… but it required a lot more effort than I was willing to invest having just moved house. I still haven’t done a proper food shop and I’ve been here a week and a half! So then I got thinking more seriously: what do I actually want to achieve?

2015 is the year I’m supposed run a marathon (check out the #HoBFitness feed for more). It’s the year I’m supposed to conquer London – or something. But I often reach a point when I make these grand plans… and then I get The Fear. And The Fear stops me from doing all of these (terribly convoluted) ideas and I reach the end of the year in exactly the same position I began it in.

So how do I move forward? And then it came to me: make it simple. Forget trying the Whole 30. Just plan your meals each day, and work towards an achievable goal. Forget conquering the whole of London: just explore little bits of it and get to know the city gradually. After all, it’s hardly going anywhere.

There is still Christmas to get through. There are still presents to be wrapped and turkey to be eaten and tidings to be brought. I might be a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to tacky decorations and over-played Christmas songs, but get me around the fire with my family, and I’m happy as Larry. And then, when the New Year arrives, I’m not going to get struck down with The Fear. And I’m not going to inflict complicated, unachievable goals on myself. After all, I think a marathon is a pretty big achievement, don’t you!?

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