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I mentioned earlier this week that I had splurged on some Burberry make up, and now to reveal exactly what I got my paws on!

Burberry have only recently got in to the beauty trend, and boy is it a sight to behold! Before we even get to the quality of the products, can we just swoon over the packaging? Sleek, beautiful and very Burberry. But living in a small town meant it was hard to get hold of the stuff, and even in London it takes a bit of hunting to find Burberry make up readily available. Which is why, when Boots started to supply Burberry beauty, it felt like the best Christmas present ever. If your local Boots is too small, you can easily buy online, and their delivery service is pretty flawless.

To begin with, I settled for a nail polish and a lipstick (the two basics, right!?) I had been on the hunt for a decent oxblood polish, and was looking for a bright red lipstick to carry me from winter to spring. Burberry could offer both.

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The Burberry nail polish in Oxblood Red (303) is £15 for a bottle, and comes in that familiar sleek Burberry packaging. A gold box, and then bold gold lid with the Burberry crosshatching. You might shudder to see only a tiny bottle of polish, but lift the lid and it reveals a bottle almost twice the size. The brush is my favourite kind – broad and flat, with a wide tip to really get in to every corner of the nail. As for the colour? Exactly the shade I was looking for! It looks fab on short or long nails, with a beautiful gloss even before topcoat. Two layers and I had a deep oxblood colour. It lasts well (although I have had better experiences with the cheaper Essie polishes), but takes a long time to dry, so have patience. At £15 a pop, I’m wary of using it too much, but it’s definitely shot to the top of my favourites list.

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As for the Burberry lip velvet in Military Red (310), it comes in at the sharp end of £23, which is far dearer than I would usually be willing to pay for any make up! The description of the lip velvets promises:

Rich pigments give incredibly dense, luminous colour… The formula gives a weightless, imperceptible feel and comfortable long-wear performance, while wild rose continuously helps skin feel moisturised… The result is effortlessly breathable and elegant

I love a moisturising lipstick because I hate that dried-out look some colours can give you, so thought this would be my best shot. The packaging is just as cute as the polish, a textured brown box, opening to reveal a gunmetal lipstick case, again with the Burberry crosshatching. I was most excited when I discovered the lid is magnetic, so none of those lost-lid-in-handbag disasters! Open up and the lipstick itself is hatched, giving it a high-quality, unique look. I was in love before I even tried it! The colour itself is rich and bold, gliding on smoothly and not leaving my lips feeling too dried out. It did need a couple of reapplications during the day, but didn’t rub off easily. I loved the definition it added to my lips, and is in my top 5 favourite colours, but once again, at such an eye-watering price, it will be my special occasion lipstick!

Overall, I’ve been so impressed with Burberry make up; it delivers a good quality product, not just a good looking one, and the colours are as accurate as their descriptions, meaning none of those nasty surprises when applying. I would love to try more, but the prices are pretty steep for me, so will have to be birthday and Christmas wishes more often than a quick nip-to-Boots supply run. I’m so pleased that Boots have started offering more of the higher-end brands, and look forward to spotting new ones!

Have you tried Burberry make up? What did you think?

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