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Sunday 18 January 2015 by

January 31st is rapidly approaching, and my month of swimming training is almost done. I have a little while left to perfect my front crawl and improve my times – and of course I’m not going to stop dead as soon as February comes around – but the challenge of improving my cycling is next on the agenda, and will require much my attention.

So how has the swimming gone? Actually, really well. It didn’t take long to build up the stamina and technique to swim a very comfortable eight lengths breast stroke. I don’t have a timer, but think I’ve managed to do it in eight minutes without trying very hard at all, so that’s pretty good going considering I struggled with a length before I started.

The front crawl has been a bit of a different story. I really struggled to learn the breathing technique, and still have difficulty completing a length. Every time I practise I’m getting better and better, so hopefully soon something will click into place, and I’ll be away.

It’s surprised me how much you have to think about – the coordination, the techniques, making sure you keep kicking your legs when you’re concentrating on your arms. It felt a little like I was put right back to the beginning every time I tried to introduce a new technique. Fortunately (though perhaps not for my bank balance) I have to pay for at least one month more of gym membership, so I have all of February to practise everything I have learned.

Which means a slight change up to the plan. February was meant to be about getting out and about on the bike, but with the weather still cold and unpredictable, I think what we’re going to do is make use of the gym part of our gym membership, and use the cycling machines to start building up our legs for cycling, ready to actually hit the road in march. In the meantime, we’ll still be swimming three times a week, and hopefully I’ll be able to report back eight lengths of front crawl soon!

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