Five Things About Living With A Five Year Old That Nobody Warned Me About

Sunday 25 January 2015 by

Children, Five year olds, Growing up

I must admit that I didn’t read many parenting books and mostly went off instinct and advice from people I knew, but none of them – the books or the people – made me prepared for the reality of all these hazards. Life with a five year old can be… interesting.

  1. Getting Our Clothes Mixed Up

Yes, already. I thought I had at least until she was 10 before I started accidentally putting her pants in my drawer and vice versa. I even found one of her t-shirts in my stuff the other day – there is no way that I would ever fit in it, but when I was folding and sorting it clearly looked big enough to make it into the wrong pile.

Maybe I should just admit defeat and start wearing ‘mum’ clothes so there is no chance of confusion. Ditch all my funky coloured underwear and character t-shirts in favour of ‘grown up’ and ‘sensible’ things instead… yeah, that’s not going to happen. I love my Pokémon t-shirts too much. I had better get used to clothes-sharing with Tori instead.

  1. The Attitude

Everybody talks about teenagers being the kings and queens of attitude and these days it makes me wonder if any of them have ever actually spent any time with a five year old. She has withering sarcasm, condescending tones and plain, unadulterated sass in the bucketful. She can be vicious and mean as well as hilariously funny – sometimes it does my nut in and other times it makes me laugh and surprises me with her cleverness. Her facial expressions can be priceless, too:

Children, Five year olds, Growing up

  1. The Unexpected Kindness

Mostly, the centre of a five year old’s universe is the aforementioned five year old, but sometimes they show an awareness of other people and their feelings that takes you by surprise and warms your heart. You will be going about your day, trying not to show that you’re having a bad day and just want to sit in a corner and cry and suddenly there is a small person slipping their hand into yours and saying they love you and want to give you a cuddle to cheer you up. Or they draw you a picture because you have a headache, or help their little brother get dressed because they know you’re running late and they want to help you out.

Five year olds can be awesome when they try.

  1. The ENDLESS Birthday Parties

I’m sure I don’t remember going to as many parties as Tori goes to. I also don’t remember so many of them happening in places that weren’t people’s front rooms. Tori has been to discos, soft play parties, various parties in the Scout Hut involving face paint and bouncy castles and other such things. She has even been in a limo as an ‘after party treat’. A limo. She’s five – I don’t think I even knew what a limo was when I was five and she thinks it’s a perfectly normal thing to have after a birthday party already. The grin on her face afterwards was utterly beautiful though…

Children, Five year olds, Growing up, Birthday, Snow White

  1. She Is Me

Children, Five year olds, Growing up

That long haired girl in the dress is me. It could easily be Tori.

That second photo is from the summer holidays and is one of the few where I look at it and think ‘wow, we look alike!’

But more than being alike physically, her school reports are uncannily identical to mine and sometimes when she talks I can hear myself in her. She is a lot like me in a lot of ways and it is a bit weird looking at my five year old and mostly seeing myself. I don’t know why, but I really wasn’t expecting her to be so very… me.

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  1. Awww they grow up so quickly don’t they! You do look alike… but I think that’s lovely! And don’t you dare go and grow up 🙂 Would love you to link up over at #sharethejoy x

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