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Wednesday 4 February 2015 by

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It’s difficult to get motivated to go out when it’s cold and miserable like it is at the moment. With my triathlon training plan, I knew I’d need something to keep me motivated in the dark winter months, otherwise I’d stand no chance of being ready come the Tri in May.

Fortunately, the swimming has been going really well – though sometimes it feels a bit chilly in the water at first, it’s easier to get motivated to do something indoors than it is to brave the ice and snow.

For the rest, I have Jantastic.

If you’ve not heard of Jantastic before, it’s a motivational program to help you get through your exercise goals from January to March – the point in the year I think everybody would agree it’s most hard to get going. You set your own targets, join a group with friends, and compete to complete your targets and keep your group score high. It’s competition against yourself, and to keep yourself from being the one who lets the group down – so a double kick in the backside to help push you out of the door.

Last year, Jantastic was running only. This year, conveniently, it’s grown to include swimming and cycling too.

For January, I had mine set to one run, three swims. For February, I’m adding a bike in there too.

Five workouts a week is a lot, especially when I want to be writing and reading and relaxing at some points too. It would be easy to concentrate on swimming only, because it’s what I’m worst at, but I need to be running and biking if I’m  ever going to get round the triathlon, so I’m capitalising on the Jantastic mojo, and ploughing ahead now.

Slight change up to the original plan though – my swimming membership comes with gym access. I will be using the exercise bikes to get started with my cycling. Hopefully next month it won’t be quite so arctic outside, and I’ll be able to hit the road properly, but for now, I’m sticking to the relative warmth of the gym!

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