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I’ve heard talk of Pretty Little Liars for a while now but never managed to catch an episode so when it cropped up on Netflix recently, I thought I’d give it a go. I was expecting some light, trashy entertainment but actually got something far more than I expected.

The show follows four friends – Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer – whose lives are turned upside down by the disappearance of their ringleader, Alison. A year after her disappearance the remaining girls begin receiving anonymous texts threatening to reveal secret, signed by the mysterious A. immediately, questions are posed; what really happened that night? Do the friends know more than they are letting on? Is ‘A’, Alison?

The script moves at a great pace, keeping the viewer hooked from the get-go and answering as many questions as it poses. Filled with intrigue and cliff-hangers, each episode keeps you guessing without ever feeling easy to peg. With four different perspectives of events a sense of unease is created leaving the viewer wondering how honest the girls are even being with each other and how much we can trust them and their motives. Especially given how many secrets everyone is hiding away. Money troubles, illicit affairs, “The Jenna Thing”, you name it.

A strong aspect of the show is the characterisation of the core four girls. They feel very convincing as a group of friends, from the dynamics to their dialogue and the things they don’t say, as much being conveyed with looks and actions as with words. It felt very refreshing to watch a teen drama in which the characters speak as realistically as is possible in a scripted drama, no psycho-babble or overuse of pop culture references and snarky comments. They feel believable, investable and not like clichéd caricatures so often found in teen dramas.

While it’s the overriding mystery that drives the story, the scripts deftly weave in the day to day dramas of the girls’ lives and friendships without it ever feeling forced.

When I sat down to watch Pretty Little Liars I was just looking for something trashy to watch on a pyjama day but ended up well and truly hooked to a show that far surpassed my expectations and binge watched most of season one over a couple of days. With more and more clues and surprises revealed each episode I am totally gripped and still trying to work out who A might be and what the motives are. The mystery is really intriguing and there are some genuinely chilling moments in the cat and mouse game. So far, the momentum is really building, creating lots of tension and ‘oh my God’ moments. I’m not sure how much of that momentum will remain in further seasons but I can’t wait to find out.

If you like shows such as Revenge and Gossip Girl there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this one too. All seasons are currently available on Netflix with new episodes being added weekly.

Pretty Little Liars is also available on DVD, Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime.

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