The Improvement Curve

Sunday 15 February 2015 by

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I remember when I first started running. I did a beginner’s program that started with a minute of running a minute of walking, repeated seven times. Seven minutes of running total.

I remember how difficult that was at the time – gasping for breath by forty seconds in, the minute seeming to stretch into eternity while running, and passing in an instant when walking.

As the weeks passed, we went from one minute of running, to thirty consecutive minutes. There was clear and measurable improvement, which was very motivating.

But the problem with anything you are useless at, but work hard to improve is that you improve very quickly, but then level off. Once that initial progress is made, it can be a real hard slog to get any better.

On top of this, I’ve found with exercise that you have days where you perform blindingly well. Then you have a day where you feel like you’re back to the beginning again.

I’m starting to reach the top of the improvement curve with my swimming at the moment. I know I’m going to start having those days where I’m useless. It helps to know this, but I doubt it will make it any easier or less demotivating when I have the inevitable bad days.

It will be something I just have to work through to get on with my triathlon training, but here’s hoping the good days outnumber the bad ones!

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