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Editing is one of my least favourite things about writing. I find it difficult to get motivated to pull apart scenes and fix problems. I know what the problems are – usually they’re the scenes I avoided writing until the very end of the manuscript because they’re difficult. This almost always stems from plot holes or a need for characters to act out of character to progress the story where I imagined it going. Or simply a character needing to get from point A to B, and my having no clue how to do that.

So I have to work hard to motivate myself, and that always starts with really appealing stationary.

I’m the sort of person who likes to edit on paper, rather than on the computer screen. There’s something about printing work off and writing all over it that makes the editing process easier for me.

Here are a few of my stationary favourites:

Forget me Not, Wilkinsons, Stationary, Writing

The whole Forget Me Not range in Wilkinsons is gorgeous and inexpensive. This little booklet is full of different sticky note – all different shapes and sizes, with lovely vintage style designs.

Desk Pad, Paperchase, Writing, Stationary

Desk pads are great for jotting down ideas, listing things to do and keeping track of everything that comes into your mind as you’re working. Simply note down anything you want to come back to, then cross it off when you’re done. At the end of the day, you can rip away the top page for a clean and enticing page for the next day’s work.

Highlighters, Staples, Writing, Editing, Staples

Highlighters are a must, and you’ll need loads of different colours of course. I like these because they are pen sized and shaped, rather than being squat and – in my view – awkward to hold. That’s a personal preference, any highlighters will do. Treat yourself to a range of colours and get colour coding your text!

WHSmith, Pens, Writing, Stationary

I actually have a set of fine liners that I use for my edits, but I hate them. I don’t know if it’s just my writing, but I find I have to hold them at a very specific angle for the ink to flow. Next time, I’ll be investing in a set of these. They’re very inexpensive, and provide you with loads of different colours. You could have a different colour for each character, each scene, or each different editing pass. I’m firmly of the view you can never have too many different colours. Or too much funky stationary full stop!

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