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I love myself a good television series, something I can absorb myself in for hours at a time. And when it’s a quiet weekend, there is nothing better than staying in your pyjamas with a TV series marathon and nothing else to do. So without further ado, here are a few favourite shows to waste away those hours…

The Musketeers, TV, BBC

The Musketeers

Swashbuckling aplenty, this is hijinks and slightly camp enjoyment, but enjoyment nonetheless. Already well in to its second season, it follows Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan as they spend each week trying to save the king and his court from various villains. It’s panto-like in its set up, but brilliant nonetheless.

Supernatural, TV


Ten seasons down and it’s still going strong. The Winchester brothers have a cult status, and they have battled monsters, demons, angels and the devil himself. They’ve even died a few times, but nothing can keep the Winchesters down, and we are eternally thankful for it.

The Walking Dead, TV, Zombies

The Walking Dead

It’s inevitable that this show will appear on the list. A zombie enthusiast, The Walking Dead is one of the greatest zombie-survival series out there. Based on the graphic novels, they follow an ever-changing band of survivors as they fight the undead – and other survivors.

Dollhouse, TV, Joss Whedon


This iconic Joss Whedon show only survived one season, and we are ever saddened by its loss. Using a new technology which can wipe memory and replace it with a new one, we follow one “doll” as she starts to become aware of what is happening to her. It’s sci-fi at its best.

Fargo, TV, BBC, Martin Freeman


The perfect blend of black comedy and thriller, this hilarious show features Martin Freeman as a hapless character inexorably sucked in to the dark underworld of murder. Based on the Coen brothers film (also worth a watch), it features a rather excellent Billy Bob Thornton.

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