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Wednesday 1 April 2015 by

Following my previous post about dealing with injury, I’ve spent another few weeks doing a big fat nothing.

Well, not entirely nothing. I walked six miles one day, and probably close to that on another, but compared to my previous regime, I’ve done almost nothing.

It’s been hugely irritating and frustrating, but not being able to walk the day after doing a tiny bit of exercise was even more so. Not doing anything but yoga and ITB* massages has been my only option.

Today (at time of writing) is the day after my first gym session in weeks. My ITB is tender to the touch, and I’m not looking forwards to rolling it out later, but I’ve got no hip pain at all. I’m going swimming later to see how that goes. If it goes well, then I’ll be getting right back in to the regime.

After feeling quite confident about the triathlon a month ago, I’m now feeling pretty awful about it. I haven’t even got out on the bike yet (that was March’s agenda item, if you recall) and I’m worried that I’ll get into the pool this evening and realise I’ve forgotten everything. With the event deadline looming on the horizon, it’s even more difficult to muster up the energy to climb what seems like an insurmountable mountain from down here.

In my head I know I’ll get in the pool and it will be fine – I might not be as good as I was last month, but I’ll have some of the technique, and the muscles will remember faster than they learned. But there’s also the voice that stops the best of us achieving what we’re truly capable of – the voice that says ‘you are never going to manage this, you may as well just give up now.’ I’m doing my best to ignore it right now. It isn’t easy.

Fortunately, when you are pretty terrible at something to start with you can’t go back far! This is my mantra right now, and I’ll be going to the pool later with it ringing in my head. I have a very self deprecating sense of humour when it comes to exercise – a lot of my running club don’t understand this and go out of their way to be very very encouraging to me!

I will be celebrating whatever I achieve with a nice fat slice of well earned treacle tart. If that won’t motivate me, nothing will.

* For those of you that don’t know, the ITB is a band that runs down the outside of your leg from your hip to your knee. It’s a very common problem in runners for it to get too tight, causing all sorts of problems in the knees. If you suffer knee pain when running, chances are you need to give it a good massage and stretch.

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