The Five Best Things to Expect from Game of Thrones

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Games of Thrones is beginning. And that means you have to avoid Twitter if you don’t want spoilers, office gossip will involve who is killing who, and your Monday nights won’t be the same again for a few weeks. So here are five reasons to watch this season…

You don’t know what’s coming

The rumours have been confirmed – this season, Game of Thrones will be separating from the timeline in the books. That means even if you have read the books, you are still going to be surprised.

Peter Dinklage

He’s the highlight of every season, let’s be honest, but if you know anything about Tyrion’s timeline, you know that this season is about to get really interesting.


Eating sheep, people and pretty much everything else in sight. The dragons get better and better. And it can only improve. The dragons are coming.

The scenery

Shot in four locations, including Croatia and Ireland, the scenery is just astounding. Expect sweeping shots of mountains, beaches and forests. If you watch it for nothing else, watch it for the beautiful setting.

The Sand Snakes

One thing we know is coming is the fact that the Dornishmen are going to appear. Oberyn Martell made a brief appearance last season, but this time his bastard sisters will be coming to our screens. Known as the Sand Snakes, they are the most kick ass women in the whole of Westeros. I can’t wait!

What are you looking forward to most in the new season of Game of Thrones?

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