Beauty: Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner

Tuesday 14 April 2015 by

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In my attempts to find a new toner, apart from the Sanctuary toner, I also picked up the Botanics All Bright cleansing toner, £1.99 from Boots. It promises to cleanse impurities and freshen all skin types, with extracts of hibiscus to brighten. But I’m sad to say that it doesn’t live up to its promises. The toner feels abrasive and drying, like it has too much alcohol in it. Although it seems appealing because of its promise of natural plant extracts and the fact that it’s not too tough on the bank balance, it feels too rough for my skin, and dries too much. I was disappointed, as I had heard such good things about the Botanics range. Perhaps other products in the range are better, but I was certainly let down by this one.

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