TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season Two

Monday 11 May 2015 by

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As has been well established on Twitter, I am a bit addicted to Once Upon a Time. So after my glowing review of season one, what did I think of season two? Be warned, there are now spoilers if you haven’t watched beyond season one!

With the curse lifted, what is new in Storybrooke? And why haven’t the fairy tale characters been sent home to the Enchanted Forest? Well, things are never simple for our accursed characters, and this season they have to encounter Neverland and Peter Pan before they can start again. Except, Pan is not quite the boy hero from our tales. Instead, he’s actually quite a monster.

Meanwhile, the mystery of Rumpelstiltskin’s son (and father) is starting to become clear, and the Dark One seems to be getting what we would term a conscience… and goodness.

The second season only builds on what was so brilliant about the first – fairy tales with a twist, and clever pop culture references to delight the watchful. But the best bit about the season (apart from Robert Carlyle and Lana Parilla)? The arrival of the rather dashing Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), who’s a delightful blend of cad, charmer and Jack Sparrow. I’m in love!

Plus, Henry comes in to his own this season – Jared Gilmore is the opposite of annoying child actors, brimming with the potential for a great lead. The only issues I have comes with the central three characters: Snow White, Prince Charming and Emma. Their righteousness starts to grate a little bit. Perhaps that’s intentional. There is a fantastic turn of writing – the characters are never as straightforward as they seem, and it is this that keeps you most engaged. After all, these stories are nothing without their characters!

The Pan storyline is inspired – in fact, almost better than the Barrie original! Even better than season one’s curse storyline. And what’s being cooked up for season three promises to be so much more!

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