Beauty Review: No7 High Shine Lip Crayon

Saturday 23 May 2015 by

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Another addition to the No7 summer range is their high shine lip crayon in Petal, £9. The lip crayons, as a rule, are lovely – they glide on smoothly, have staying power, and don’t dry out like some lip colours. But what did I think of this specific colour?

Well. Not my style.

Petal is a very bold pink – you could almost even say bubblegum pink – and takes some getting used to (and a fair amount of confidence to pull off). With the high shine, it’s a very obvious lip colour – no subtle shades here – and so you end up with a bright, bold, 1950s-style finish. Which (aside from the strong, deep reds that I’ve worked my way through this winter) is just not my style. I’m not a pink lip kind of girl.

A couple of friends have fallen in love with the colour – they like bold, Barbie-like prints and shades, and this fits the bill – and I expect I shall see them wear it throughout the summer months. As for me? I’ll stick with the subtler tones of pink and red on offer!

PR sample – all views are my own

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