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spaLONDON, Spa, Beauty, Treatment, Kensington

Last Wednesday (before the amazing Kim Scott Walwyn Prize ceremony) I had the privileged experience of getting a tour around the new spaLONDON Kensington spa.

spaLONDON is a not-for-profit spa with seven locations around London (one in Bethnal Green, right near me!) most of them based in leisure centres. They offer luxury treatments at affordable prices – after all, we should all be allowed some pampering!

spaLONDON, Spa, Beauty, Treatment, Kensington, Midas Touch

The Kensington branch is lovely – bright and new – just far enough away from the rest of the leisure centre to feel like you’re away from the real world. Exactly as it should be when you’re ready for a day of treating yourself.

spaLONDON, Spa, Beauty, Treatment, Kensington, Afternoon tea

To begin with, we were taken through the range of treatments they offer and history of the spa over afternoon tea and bubbly. There were six bloggers all told – One Little Vice, Beauty Queen UK, Beauty with Charm, Copper Garden and Split the City – and we were given the whole afternoon to explore the spa, but also the option of two treatments!

spaLONDON, Spa, Beauty, Treatment, Kensington, Orange juice

The spa itself is so new it shines. As you enter the spa, you are given fresh orange juice and taken through to the changing room to switch in to a dressing gown and flip flops. There are steam rooms, saunas and hot pools to keep you relaxed whilst you wait for your treatment in the separate rooms.

We were given the option of two treatments: the first was the Midas Touch Gold Treatment, a full body massage with to leave you with glowing golden skin, and the second was the Murad Sun Undone Infusion facial, to restore radiance and help protect against harmful rays.

spaLONDON, Spa, Beauty, Treatment, Kensington

I chose the facial as I had an event to get to later, and was settled in to a treatment room before I knew it. The facial itself was divine – so relaxing I may or may not have fallen asleep for part of it. Your skin is buffed and pampered until you glow. The only unnerving part from my perspective was the swift foot wash you get at the beginning! It uses all Murad products (which I’ve never used before) which are gentle on my slightly-sensitive skin, and smell delicious, as opposed to anything to chemical. Some of the other bloggers had used Murad before, so I knew I would be in good hands. It certainly left my skin smooth and glowing for the event that evening (and for a couple of days afterwards)!

spaLONDON, Spa, Beauty, Treatment, Kensington, Midas Touch, Gold

As for the Midas Touch treatment, this was a spaLONDON exclusive brought in just before Christmas. It offers a skin exfoliation, massage and full body treatment with gold-based products, so you really do glow! The others that had it were super impressed, and it’s already noted for my return visit. It’s just a shame I couldn’t have it before – I would have like golden skin.

As I said, spaLONDON gives you that luxe-spa treatment at affordable prices, and their locations are super convenient – in the Kensington branch you even get access to the spa if you have a leisure centre membership!  They are a small chain for now, but I can definitely see them growing in popularity. They offer everything from the luxurious treatments to the basics – including waxes and manicures.

spaLONDON, Spa, Beauty, Treatment, Kensington

Everyone who works there really knows their stuff too, and I came away with some brilliant skincare tips as well as a goodie bag and fresh skin! It was an absolute pleasure to meet the other bloggers too – they really know their stuff and it’s always fun to gossip about bloggy things. The perfect Wednesday afternoon.

Find your local spaLONDON location here

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