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Tuesday 26 May 2015 by

Southbank, London, Street food, Millennium Eye, London Eye

There is one place I have always loved about London, and that is Southbank. This beautiful part of the river is brimming with everything I love about London – food, culture and something happening all the time.

Chickpea and spinach curry, The Peckish Peacock, London, Street food, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Southbank

So last Friday I decided to spend the evening walking up and down. The Southbank Centre always has something going on – this time it was the Alchemy Festival (it finished last Sunday). But the best bit was the street food around the corner.

Teala, Mango cooler, Street food, London, Black tea, Southbank

We grabbed a spinach and chickpea curry with cumin rice (vegetarian and gluten free!) from The Peckish Peacock and a mango cooler (black tea with fresh mango) from Teala and sat and watched the sun go down over the Millennium Eye, then washed it all down with one of the most delicious ciders I’ve ever tasted – a Côte de Breton.

Lotus, Heartbeat, London, Southbank Centre, Southbank, Lights

We then took a wander around the Centre – playing with the lotus flowers that pulse with light against your heartbeat, and taking a look at the Migration exhibition. As I mentioned, the Centre always has something going on and it’s always worth going along to check out what’s going on.

Migration exhibition, Southbank Centre, London, Migrants

And if you’ve never been to Southbank before, make sure you take a walk along the river towards the Globe theatre. Especially at night, it’s one of the most beautiful places to walk as it’s all lit up. Head across the Millennium Bridge to St Paul’s and explore the streets there – they’re always filled with people but it feels so quiet and serene.

Millennium Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, London, Southbank, Night

It’s a highlight of London.

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