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Saturday 20 June 2015 by

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More goodies from The Body Shop, and this time it’s a body butter. Of all the products they have to offer, the body butter is hands down my favourite. They come in a variety of scents and consistencies and every single one of them is a dream for my skin – gliding on smoothly, soaking in immediately, and leaving my skin soft and feeling rich and moisturised. So I of course had to try one from their new range!

The Fuji Green Tea range is made with freshly-picked tea from the slopes of Mount Fuji, promising revitalised skin with a fresh scent. Their Fuji Green Tea body butter comes at just £12 a tub, and lasts forever. It smells crisp and fresh, and offers a lightweight, non-greasy texture. It is the perfect body butter for summer. The scent from some body butters (like my favourite, the shea) linger on your skin, but this tends to flatten and go fairly quickly, leaving your skin soft but pretty scentless. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing! Like all products from The Body Shop, it is gentle on sensitive skin, but always test it before putting it on damaged areas.

Personally, I love this, and I’m a definite convert for the summer. Bright, fresh scent, quick to soak in, and no dry patches in sight! Perfect. Next on my list is to try the bath tea.

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  1. Loralei Haylock

    I’m using Santuary Body Butter at the moment, which is lovely, but smells of… cream. I love the Body Shop stuff – they smell edible!!

    • Fran

      I’m crazy about the shea body butter, but the honey one makes me want to taste it!

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