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I have a complete obsession with Netflix, and often spend my time browsing for new or unusual shows. Which is how I found Sense8. A Netflix Original Series, it tells the stories of 8 unique people, who find themselves inexplicably psychically linked. And in danger.

There have been mixed reactions to this series, with a lot of people hating it for loose structure and unfathomable scripts. But for me, I loved it. It was fast enough to keep moving, but slow enough to know what’s happening without missing a thing.

Plus, the characters are fantastic. Spread across the world, with their own unique plotlines that start to converge. Each Sensate brings their own quality to the “cluster” – doctor, cop, hacker, driver, assassin – and it shows. The cluster develops as the series goes on, as they get used to their connection, but also deal with their own lives (and help each other). There is action, romance, and tremendous amounts of peril from Bad Guy “Whispers” (played by Terrence Mann).

I have to agree to some extent –Sense8 takes a while to get in to its stride. There a clunky parts of the opening few episodes, and it’s not entirely clear about where it’s heading until around halfway through.  But then it obviously gets much more comfortable with itself, including allowing for some well-balanced humour (you’ll know what I mean when you see the bazooka).

The beauty of this is that there isn’t a weak link in the bunch – diverse and well-thought-out, each character is dramatically 3D, with strengths and flaws that build them to realistic personalities. Their story arcs don’t feel strained or out of control. The romance feels genuine and the danger feels heart-stoppingly perilous. The action is minimal, but when it happens it’s intense and unforgiving.

The script often leaves something to be desired, with the clunky moments from before something tripping over in to later episodes with lines that clang with false notes. But it’s ultimately satisfying. Without a second season confirmed, we’ve yet to see if the Wachowski brothers series has legs. I hope it does.

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