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If you love pancakes, forget the IHOP. Try heading out to My Old Dutch in Holborn. A menu of naught but savoury and sweet pancakes, you can take your pick from everything from ratatouille and creamed spinach, to peaches and cream.

I only wish I had taken pictures of the size of the pancakes: they’re enormous! C and I decided to go half and half with each other as we’re both gluten free, picking up a Mediterranean savoury (sundried tomato, artichoke and black olive) and a banana, nuts and chocolate sauce sweet (with ice cream to cool it off). The gluten free options are extensive, with only the poffertjes and butterscotch pancakes out of bounds.

The restaurant itself is a cute blend of false tulips and blue-painted tables, making it a kitsch atmosphere. Plus the prices are cheap and the service is fast, so you’re not left waiting long. I could only manage about half of each because they really are massive, and I definitely preferred the sweet to the savoury (too much cheese).

These are proper Dutch pancakes – thin and crispy on the edges, with a thick, fluffy centre. I was impressed by the price, especially by the size of them, but you can certainly only manage one at a time, and the savoury ones seemed to all come with excessive amounts of cheese, so I would recommend picking from the sweet menu instead.

They have other branches in Chelsea  and Kensington so now you have no excuse not to try it out!

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