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Over the past few years, finding the perfect burger has become a bit of a mission for me. There have been some definite highlights and some real disappointments, usually after someone has declared they’ve had the best one ever only to have my taste-buds have a rather meh reaction. Persistence has paid off though with the discovery of Burgers and Barrels.

Located on Bath’s Lower Bristol Road (across the road from the bottom of Brougham Hayes) it’s a very small eatery/bar that could be very easy to walk past, until you’ve tried the food! Outside, there are a couple of tables; inside a small bar from which you can see the kitchen, a couple of small tables, and then down a small staircase are two more tables that can sit four a piece. This is where my husband and I ate as upstairs was brimming with patrons. It had a really warm, cosy atmosphere. One wall is covered in wood panelling, the other with classic comic book and album cover prints. Lighting is low, with old fashioned lamps dotted around. It’s easy to feel you may actually be in a true, rustic American joint.

The food, well what can I say? It was absolutely fantastic, and great value for money. The menu has some great varieties of not only burgers but also fries. We shared a plate of their Spicy Fries which were dressed with cheese and jalapenos. They were very akin to a delicious plate of nachos just with fries instead of tortilla chips. You’ll need to be a fan of heat to have these though as they sure have a kick!

The burgers themselves were truly sumptuous. My husband ordered the Immortals, a classic burger topped with mushrooms, bleu cheese, greens and a red onion confit. Personally, I’m not really a fan of bleu cheese and can be very fussy when it comes to mushrooms but I had a bite out of curiosity, and it blew me away a little. The combination of flavours was simply divine, like a warm blanket being placed over you when you’re sleepy. The flavours were delicate and beautifully combined. In particular the sweetness of the onions that perfectly complements the strong cheese and mushroom flavours. It displayed some great skill from the chef that something I wouldn’t pick ended up being delicious to me. So if you head here, don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone.

I chose the Django, a classic burger topped with chilli beef, cheese, jalapenos, onions and garlic habanero mayonnaise. It was beautiful. The burger itself was delicate and melt in the mouth tender, all the way through, which is something I haven’t experienced in a while. It has one hell of a kick, all chilli seeds are included, so if you don’t love heat this particular option may be worth giving a miss. I love spice, but even I had to take a couple of breathers through it. That is not to say that it was faulted in any way, it wasn’t. It was succulent and ridiculously appetising. This is the way I imagine a gourmet Sloppy Joe would be. The bread was also really good (so often I find a good burger undone by poor roll choice) and according to management supplied fresh on the day for the day from one of the best local bakers.

As we walked in we heard customers proclaiming that every time they come it’s the best burger they’ve ever had, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re in the south west, I highly recommend that you check this place out.

Nerissa is a writer, mummy and rather proud geek living in the countryside. In between playtime, cuddles and fun times she loves to read, knit, bake and write Young Adult and children’s fiction.

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