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One of the things everyone always tells me they miss most when going gluten free is pizza. For a while, I would have agreed with them – finding that the make-it-yourself pizza bases were just too dry and crispy. But now I’ve found some tasty gluten free alternatives for every occasion! Never be the one with the salad whilst everyone else eats pizza again. Here are my picks for the best gluten free pizza, whatever the situation.

WholeCreations, Gluten free, pizza, Spiced chicken and caramelized onion, Tesco


This is when WholeCreations come to the rescue. Pick from standard margherita, or choose something more interesting – the pepperoni and spiced chicken with caramelised onion are exclusive to Tesco. My favourite is the spiced chicken. This doesn’t taste like a dry, boring gluten free pizza. The base is soft (can be soggy so keep an eye out) and they are generous with their toppings. I’ve shared with my housemates on multiple occasions and not one of them has said it tastes any different to any other cook at home pizza. Bonus!

Dominos, Gluten free, Pizza


Rejoice! Dominos does gluten free! Pick a gluten free crust (it only comes in small) and choose any topping. The pizza comes uncut and approved by Coeliac UK. I was so pleased when Dominos started doing gluten free (I’m holding out for gluten free versions of their puddings now). Sadly, it’s not the doughy, over-indulgent experience that I remember from pre-gluten free days. It’s a thinner, crisper base, but I have never had a problem with cross contamination, and the fact that you can still choose whatever toppings you want makes it feel almost like you’re having a “proper” Dominos!

Pizza Express, Pizza, Gluten free

Eating out

Most big chain pizza places now offer gluten free alternatives. But it will always be Pizza Express that offer the best option (waiting on the gluten free doughballs still…) Again, they are Coeliac UK approved, which means you can feel relatively safe eating there. All their Romana and Classic ranges can be requested with a gluten free base, so go nuts!

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