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Nigel Slater, Real Cooking, Book, Recipe, #HoBSummerEats

Another favourite cookbook of mine is from Nigel Slater: Real Cooking. It’s been around for a while, so my copy is pretty tatty because I refer to it all the time. This is a fantastic cookbook that works as a bit of a bible. It has everything you would need as a budding chef, right from the basics, including how to make crackling!

Nigel Slater, Real Cooking, Book, Recipe, #HoBSummerEats, Leg of lamb

I love Nigel Slater, including his TV shows, because he is such an accessible cook. He clearly loves food (I’ll be reviewing his memoir later this month), and that comes across in his enthusiasm with cooking. He tends to favour fresh, wholesome food, full of comforting flavours and home grown ingredients.

Nigel Slater, Real Cooking, Book, Recipe, #HoBSummerEats, Soup

The recipe book is bursting with helpful tips and introductions on the best way to treat ingredients to get the best out of them. Most of these are hearty, rich meals, so are best for winter dinners, but with the inclusion of summer ingredients, these are perfect for all year round.

Everything is made from scratch, so prepare to slave over a hot stove for a while. Trust me, it will be worth it. The only quibble I have is that some of the ingredients are a little harder to get hold of than I would like. But there are no fancy weights or measurements that you have to wrangle with, which makes it a joy to cook with – just throw everything in and enjoy!

Nigel Slater, Real Cooking, Book, Recipe, #HoBSummerEats, Figs

For the extravagant, try the roast duck with aniseed and bitter orange marmalade (p90), or just a posh mac and cheese upgrade with the pasta with prosciutto and parmesan cream sauce (p144). For afters, make a fig, honey and mascarpone tart, p266. Nigel Slater creates meals with bold, bright ingredients that burst with flavour and character. Each dish is a pure joy to taste, and the hours put in to it are made all the sweeter for it.

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