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Jamie's, Tudor Street, Wine bar, #HoBSummerEats, London

In a long-overdue catch-up with J last night, we ended up heading down to Jamie’s on Tudor Street. Hidden just off Blackfriars and Fleet Street, Jamie’s is an underground bar offering craft beer, cocktails, and basic pub food – especially priding themselves on their burgers (you can pick from a choice of five).

It’s always a bit of a roulette when going to eat somewhere new – especially as “pub grub” usually entails nothing but bread and batter, meaning my gluten intolerance is not really tolerated.

Jamie's, Tudor Street, Wine bar, #HoBSummerEats, London, Cheeseburger

I opted for the only safe option on the list: nachos. Piled high with guacamole, salsa and sour cream, these nachos were given a light layer of cheese and served up warm. Meanwhile J, despite originally ordering the pulled pork burger (they were all out), went for the cheeseburger, which comes with skin-on fries and homemade slaw. From the size of the burger, it was a pretty decent meal for your money!

Jamie's, Tudor Street, Wine bar, #HoBSummerEats, London, French martini

We of course had to try cocktails: the French martinis were a treat, but the peach Bellini was a little flat. The meal itself (although I can’t speak for J) was mediocre. It was basic pub food, without anything stylish, and I felt like I could have had those nachos anywhere. The prices are pretty decent, but you do get what you pay for (which isn’t outstanding). I feel like Jamie’s is much more of a drinking establishment than somewhere to go for food!

Jamie's, Tudor Street, Wine bar, #HoBSummerEats, London, Peach bellini

The place itself is lovely. It is tucked away from the road, which makes it feel like a hidden gem. The downstairs bar is spacious, with fresh plants and wooden floors, and plenty of nooks and crannies in which to gossip undisturbed. It was quite quiet (probably because it was a Wednesday night) but I could definitely see it getting crowded.

To finish the night, we picked Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese around the corner – one of the oldest pubs in London, and it definitely needs its own review!

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