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Wagamama, Gluten free, #HoBSummerEats

Some places are great at gluten free. Others, not so much. But one of the stand-out chain restaurants to eat gluten free is Wagamama. One of the first places I found that ever offered a comprehensive list of gluten free options, it’s a go-to when I’m craving fresh, delicious (and risk-free) food.

Sadly, the katsu curry is out. But you can pick up almost half the menu and with only minor changes you can have whatever you choose. Everything is done fresh, so there’s no complicated faffing with ingredients or checking sauces. As for making the decision, you get 3 menus: the original, the allergen menu, and the modification menu. It can be a bit confusing, but once you figure out your way around it, you can go nuts.

Wagamama, Gluten free, #HoBSummerEats, Pad thai

I’ll be honest, I was feeling like comfort food, so opted for the pad thai (slightly modified) with a fruit juice (apple, orange and passion fruit). The pad thai here is a spicier version of those you’re probably used to, with richer, fresher flavours. Ask for extra lime to take the edge off.

The juices at Wagamama are always delicious, and the fruit juice is one of the best. It tastes clean and fresh. In fact, everything about Wagamama tastes fresh. It’s delicious and doesn’t feel like a naughty meal out.

Mother Bear went for the lamb teriyaki (she’s still going on about it) and Papa Bear had the chicken and prawn cha han (his favourite). Every meal comes with the forewarning that the dishes will come out separately, but in truth they tend to arrive pretty close together, and pretty quickly after ordering, so I’ve never had a problem with the service.

Wagamama, Gluten free, #HoBSummerEats, Fruit juice, Apple, Orange, Passionfruit

The only issue I have with the local Wagamama is the noise – the open kitchen runs the length of the restaurant, and the room echoes quite badly, so you’re constantly having to fight over the noise of other diners and cooking. But I’ve been in other Wagamamas that have the complete opposite, and can be fairly subdued, so it’s really luck of the draw.

Wagamama is a popular venue, so no doubt you will have eaten there before, but it really is one of the best places to eat out if you’re gluten intolerant. You can almost choose your meal like a normal person!

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