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Wednesday 22 July 2015 by

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Welcome back to week twenty nine of my Marathon Series, as I blog my way to a marathon – from beginner to 26.2 miles. This week, we’re talking about fuelling yourself on long runs.

Running long runs means that you run out of energy about halfway around. So grab a hydration belt, with a pocket, and fuel up. The best things I’ve found so far are not fun to eat or drink, but they do get you around!

Grab some Nuun tablets – they come in a variety of flavours – and these babies will keep you super-hydrated all the way around. I prefer the lemon-lime flavour as it’s not too sweet, but go with your preference. The tablets taste a bit fizzy, so take a little bit of getting used to.

Next, get the SiS GO Isotonic energy gels. Science in Sport do some amazing sports things, so check out the website, but I do recommend their energy gels. They have the taste and consistency of melted Jelly Babies which is gross, but they don’t require chewing (which, trust me, is important when you barely have the energy to put one foot in front of the other). Speaking of Jelly Babies…

… Jelly Babies are about the only thing I can swallow when I’m running. The good news is, when you’re running an official race, you quite often have supporters offering bowls of the stuff, so practice picking up a handful on the go!

Energy is crucial when you’re out on a long run, but you also need to pick something that’s easy to eat on the go. Nuun and SiS are my favourite picks out there.

What do you eat to keep you going on a long run?

Don’t forget to let me know how you’re getting on, using the hashtag #HoBFitness. And check back in a soon when we’re talking about running from a man’s perspective.

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