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Crofts Chocolates, Scarborough, Chocolate, #HoBSummerEats

Part of F’s hen do, we ended up doing something I’ve always secretly wanted to do: making chocolate. Alex of Croft’s Chocolates kindly let us in to his kitchen for an afternoon of chocolate making (and tasting).

Alex was a fantastic host – talking a little about the origins of chocolate and how it’s made, and then giving us the chance to make our own bars of milk chocolate with various fillings. But by far my favourite bit was the making of the truffles. A pan of Bailey’s ganache and some moulds and we were away…

Crofts Chocolates, Scarborough, Chocolate, #HoBSummerEats

Chocolate making is remarkably easy (if you can resist eating the ganache from the piping bag BEFORE you’ve made your truffles), and you end up smelling as sweet as the vats of tempered chocolate you make the bars from.

I was so impressed by Alex – his shop is gorgeous (find out more here) and considering he doesn’t really do chocolate making workshops, he really should! Friendly, knowledgeable, and he even lets you make your own bar first instead of just creating the filling or flavour.

Crofts Chocolates, Scarborough, Chocolate, #HoBSummerEats

Chocolate making encourages you to get messy, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be in a sugar coma once you leave, but it’s the best fun you could possibly have.

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