Marathon Series: Running from a Man’s Perspective

Wednesday 5 August 2015 by

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Welcome back to week thirty of my Marathon Series, as I blog my way to a marathon – from beginner to 26.2 miles. This week, we’re talking about the running from a man’s perspective.

Running might be a universal experience (after all, it’s all the same thing), but there are certain sides to running that you will only discover if you are a man (which is why I asked a man to write this bit)…


I am a horse! How do you make that out? It all comes from a comment my mother always told me that women glow, men perspire and horses sweat. I am a man sweating! I guess that would be okay if I had the pace of a horse. The only time I speed up is when I see another runner in front of me. This is the point that testosterone kicks in and all sense of logic fades into a red mist. My aim to win overcomes my ability.

It’s easy to get ready

To get ready to run is very simple for me (unlike some other people I run with) [Ed: point taken]. I have short hair and no need to pin it back. My biggest fashion choice is which running T-shirt to pick up, usually a freebie. There are no plans and no matching colours! Having made this decision, it’s a simple step to strap on the necessary technology to record all data and movements so that I can store this in an easy to place which I will generally never access. Which takes me to…


There is a gadget for everything. But the best bit is the data. The main reason for the data is to remember a small snapshot, and to be able to join in the ever-increasing competitive conversation after the running session at the club. Broadly it includes fantastic advice about how you should have done the session rather than how you did. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard the phrase “I wouldn’t do it like that” because that’s really one step too far even if that’s what we are thinking… but it doesn’t stop us getting bigger and better gadgets to run with!

What have you discovered about running? What are your tips for other men?

Don’t forget to let me know how you’re getting on, using the hashtag #HoBFitness. And check back in a soon when we’re talking to the running man himself – my running buddy!

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