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I must be on of the only people in the world not to have seen Pitch Perfect before now. I didn’t even know the plotline. But I needed something cheery to brighten my commute, and this was perfect. Bright and cheerful and full of childish humour – it makes the Central line in high summer almost bearable.

Of course I liked this film. It was quirky, shameless, and featured a brilliant Rebel Wilson who held it together. Because although I loved it, there was not much substance to this film, and it is only the performances from Wilson and Anna Kendrick that really keeps it going in a straight line. Even the love interest part was a bit barmy, and the vomit jokes were just a bit too left-field and crass for my liking. But the soundtrack was truly inspired – full of my favourite songs and given a perky, Glee-like twist.

It’s clear to see why this film had such a broad appeal – promising to be an uplifting, light-hearted dabble. It taps in to the same market as Glee again. 

There are moments that just didn’t work – clunky lines delivered with a certain lack of confidence, and hinted plot threads that come to nothing. There are set-ups for comedic effect that fall apart when examined (the roommate, for example) and don’t seem to have been thought through.

Kendrick is adorable though – proving her worth and then some as a comedic actor. She has the timing, the expressions and the confidence to drive the film forward with ease and charm. There’s a feeling that she is comfortable in this role, and is even exploring her boundaries.

If you haven’t seen it yet – you will love it, as long as you’re a fan of Glee, left-field romcoms, or Rebel Wilson.

Time to watch Pitch Perfect 2. 

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