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Saturday 10 October 2015 by

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Welcome to Roof East, a new rooftop bar in a car park in Stratford. Filled with regular pop ups, there’s always something on. But best of all? They’re showing the Rugby World Cup on the big screen! Cider and watering cans full of cocktails, some rugby-themed burgers and chips, and every single game in a roofed and heated bar. What more could you want? But get there early, because seats are taken up fast. So England might be out of the World Cup (and no I don’t want to talk about it, I’m still in mourning) but there are several more games right up until the end of October. I love this place – the prices are reasonable, it’s a brilliant atmosphere, and the views as the sun goes down are just beautiful. It really is just the rooftop of a car park though, so it’s all in the decoration; cars full of trees, deck chairs, sofas and heat lamps. There’s something charming about the simplicity – the staff are friendly (and get involved in the matches as much as anyone) and although the screen isn’t the best quality, it is pretty huge so you can get a good view even if you’re stuck at the back. They’re open until 11pm most nights, so pick a spot and enjoy.

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