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Tuesday 20 October 2015 by

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Poems on the Underground was launched in 1986, with the idea to bring poetry to a wider audience. Since then, it has taken varying forms, with poetry appearing three times a year. The latest Poems on the Underground celebrates Yeats (it’s his 150th anniversary, don’t you know) and offers up the best poetry from young poets. As of yesterday, you will spot a grand total of three poems from young new poets, a Yeats poem and a comic poem from Theodore Roethke. The poems always brighten a journey (it’s better than reading the Metro after all), and these little treats are absolutely brilliant. In fact, to prove how great they are, you can read one of the poems here:

playtime by Matt Broomfield

afterwards, with the children,
on the rusted iron swing
it does not seem so bad

as you bathe like a king
in the dusty red mud
it does not matter at all

your skin becomes rain
and you wash their stained feet
it is well, you are well, it is fine

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