Smoothie Bar: The Press Up from Planet Organic

Friday 23 October 2015 by

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I’m on the move today – heading home before the big marathon on Sunday. Which means I needed a speedy pick-me-up, as well as a super-healthy smoothie to kickstart my weekend. Welcome to the Press Up, from Planet Organic. Packed full of nutrients and, most importantly, protein, this is the perfect workout smoothie. Ingredients include: coconut water, banana, raspberries, coconut manna and sun warrior vanilla protein. Wondering what a couple of those ingredients are? Well, coconut manna is a kind of coconut butter, full of “fiber, protein and nourishing fats” and sun warrior vanilla protein is a plant protein, aiming to “build muscle, lose fat and increase athletic performance”. Basically, this whole smoothie is geared to muscle repair and aiding your fitness. The coconut flavours blend nicely with the raspberries and banana, making it a sweet (but not too sickly) smoothie. It’s a little dry, oddly, but I can see it being the perfect post-workout refreshment. Worth every penny of its £4.95!

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