December Bookclub: The Glass Painter’s Daughter

Tuesday 1 December 2015 by

Next up for #HoBBookclub is a brilliant author that I’m so excited to introduce to you…

The Glass Painter's Daughter, Rachel Hore, Simon & Schuster, Book, Reading

The Glass Painter‘s Daughter by Rachel Hore

Published by Simon & Schuster

In a tiny stained-glass shop hidden in the backstreets of Westminster lies the cracked, sparkling image of an angel.

The owners of Minster Glass have also been broken: Fran Morrison’s mother died when she was a baby; a painful event never mentioned by her difficult, secretive father Edward. Fran left home to pursue a career as a classical musician. But now Edward is dangerously ill and it’s time to return.

Taking her father’s place in the shop, she and his craftsman Zac accept a beguiling commission- to restore a shattered glass picture of an exquisite angel belonging to a local church. As the reassemble the dazzling shards of coloured glass, they uncover an extraordinary love story from the Victorian past, sparked by the window’s creation. Slowly, Fran begins to see her own reflection in its themes of passion, tragedy and redemption…


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