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Yoogaia, Yoga, #HoBFitness, London, Brunch, Shoreditch, Beach Blanket Babylon

I have never been the bendiest of people, and yoga is a fairly new venture for me. But every time I step on to the mat, I love it. Which is why I’m rather taken with Yoogaia. Created in 2013, this Finnish company offers yoga classes in the comfort of your own home at any time. Sounds dreamy, yes? Well, I was also privileged to go to their Bloggers Brunch to learn a bit more about them.

The venue itself – Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch – was perfect for a morning yoga routine. The room was bright and airy, with sunlight streaming through the windows, and beautiful lights strung along the rafters. Our session was taken by the astonishing Sybille, who took us through an intense yoga session (we smiled the whole time).

Yoogaia, Yoga, #HoBFitness, London, Brunch, Shoreditch, Beach Blanket Babylon

It was great to hear from Anu, one of the founders of Yoogaia, about the brand and its beginnings, and also where the brand is going (bigger and brighter things, it turns out). As well as yoga, they offer pilates, core and kettle bell classes, with more exercise classes on the way. Classes are live, with the option to catch up later, and totally flexible around you – you can choose from different levels of yoga, as well as the varying kinds (my favourite is vinyasa). All you need is a mat, and you’re away. I was totally converted! We also heard from Bunmi, founder of Crystal and Rox activewear, which was lovely – you definitely have to check out her line. Her capsule collection is full of natural colours, comfortable cuts and perfect for a relaxing yoga session.

Yoogaia, Yoga, #HoBFitness, London, Brunch, Shoreditch, Beach Blanket Babylon

After yoga, it was time for brunch! Cold smoothies (I picked the “Beetroot Blues”: beetroot, blueberries, apple, ginger and almond yoghurt), then all the cucumber water you could wish for, and buckwheat waffles with smoked salmon and lime yoghurt. It was absolutely delicious (although I did eye up the sourdough toast with avocado and poached eggs that others were having). It was the perfect refreshment after the blitz our body had been given.

Yoogaia, Yoga, #HoBFitness, London, Brunch, Shoreditch, Beach Blanket Babylon, Buckwheat waffles, Smoked salmon, Lime yoghurt

I’m totally besotted with Yoogaia (and now buckwheat waffles), and think you should be too, so go check them out for a free seven day trial!

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