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It’s that limbo week between Christmas and New Year. You’re still eating all the Christmas food (the third tin of Celebrations is making its round still, am I right?), but you’re already starting to think about next year. What will it bring? What changes are coming? What is the Big Plan?

It’s either the best time of the year, or the worst. You’re either looking forward to next year, or you’re setting yourself up for a fall and you know it.

Here’s the thing – I don’t like to predict things for the New Year. I like the idea of goals, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Rather, I’m going to take a quick look at my 2015 and appreciate the lessons that have been, rather than guess at the lessons to come.

2015 was the year I ran a marathon. I found out what amazing things my body could do when I asked it to. It was the year I discovered that London has so much to offer and yet doesn’t give you the time to discover it. It was also the year I succumbed to the digital age and bought an ereader.

2015 gave us the sheer embarrassment of being knocked out of the Rugby World Cup, but also gave me two brand new best friends (CK and T, I’m looking at you). I spent a boozy weekend in Dublin with another two best friends (and the year also showed me just how many friends I really do have).

I had the honour of going to some beautiful weddings, and Little Sis got engaged. There have been gorgeous babies born, new relationships flourished, new living situations have established themselves, and new career moves that have worked, and some that haven’t. I have had ups and downs when it’s come to my job, but the ups have made me laugh until I cry and the downs aren’t impossible to beat.

The funny thing about 2015 is, it’s not been the best year. But by no means has it been the worst. This has been a year that I’ve realised what life is all about (it took me 28 years to figure it out), and what I don’t like about it as well as what I love. I guess the trick for 2016 is figuring out how to do more of the things I love and less of the things I don’t like. I’m turning 29, after all, and I think I’d like to figure out what I want to do when I grow up!

What did 2015 give you? What are you planning for 2016?

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