Nails: Sally Hansen 4 in 1 Nail Conditioner

Friday 8 January 2016 by

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My nails take a lot of wear. From the simple act of tapping against computer keyboards, to the endless cycle of nail polishes. It’s only when you try to really take care of your nails that you start to notice the kind of pressure you’re putting them under. My magic cure? Sally Hansen’s 4 in 1 nail conditioner, from £8.95 at Boots. This takes your damaged nails and submits them to a treatment that includes a ridge-filling base coat, a bio strengthener, a growth treatment and a mega gloss top. I’ll be  honest – the ridge-filling base coat may be pushing it, as it neither fills ridges very effectively, nor works as a particularly effective base coat. But when it promises to strengthen and grow, it definitely does that! Longer nails are always splitting and breaking, but after using this (between nail colours), my nails are noticeably stronger. It’s worth the price tag!

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