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Sunday 17 January 2016 by

I got bought my first Adult Colouring Book for my birthday back in June last year and then acquired two more at Christmas. They are all different and I enjoy them all for different reasons.

Relaxing Art Therapy, Colouring book

The Relaxing Art Therapy: An Anti-Stress Colouring Book was the first one I got and I love it. It has a mixture of pictures and patterns to colour and a section at the back for ‘Doodling’ – where the outlines and idea for the pictures are started for you then left blank for you to doodle in your own patterns rather than just colour in ready drawn ones.

Optical Illusions Colouring Book, Adult colouring book

Then I got The Optical Illusions Colouring Book on Christmas Day and discovered that some colouring books need more concentration than others. The challenge with this one is to not feel sick whilst you colour it in.

I also love how colouring the optical illusions in makes them way less eye-screwy. It’s like doing a magic trick and a puzzle all at once.

Creative Colouring For Grown-Ups, Vintage Patterns, Book, Adult colouring book

Then I got given Creative Colouring For Grown-Ups: Vintage Patterns during another round of Christmas.

This one mostly feels like a book of 70s wallpaper which is actually brilliant. It’s great for colouring in whilst watching TV on an evening (I’m a fidget, I need to be doing something).

I love my colouring books – I take the Anti-Stress one with me when I want some time out and to make something pretty, I pick up the Optical Illusion one when I want to use my brain a bit without having to actually know anything, and I use the Vintage Pattern one as something to occupy my hands without using my mind too much.

There are so many Adult Colouring Books out there, and they aren’t at all the same. If you’re going to buy one, take the time to flick through it before you decide and find one that appeals to what you want. Or, you know, find three…

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