Premium Boutique and Dinosaurs

Saturday 30 January 2016 by

Dinosaurs, Necklaces, Accessories, Fashion, Premium Boutique,

My latest obsession comes in the form of dinosaur necklaces. Don’t ask me why – but I think it began with this collection from These adorable sterling silver dinosaurs are well-priced and always get compliments whenever I wear them (they also offer up unicorns and seasonally appropriate reindeer). I was also given a rather amazing blue T-Rex as a work leaving present that I just adore.

Dinosaurs, Necklaces, Accessories, Fashion, Premium Boutique,

My next target was Premium Boutique. This US-based online shop is amazing for quirky, slight nerdy, jewellery and accessories. I already have a Thor hammer keychain! So of course when I saw you could get Jurassic Park necklaces, I was all in. The necklaces go for $19.94 (although they are free right now) and come in three shades. I, naturally, got both gold and silver. They also do sweet little necklaces and earrings, but these big statement pieces are the new love of my life.

Dinosaurs, Necklaces, Accessories, Fashion, Premium Boutique,

Not a dinosaur fan? How about Doctor Who, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Premium Boutique offer a range of cool pop culture trinkets for all sorts. It takes a while to post to the UK, but the prices are so affordable it’s worth the wait.

On top of that, they offer some really cool travel accessories that I’m dying to get my hands on – scratch off travel map, anyone?

The beauty of the internet is that there are brilliant websites for all sorts. Quirky accessories are my mecca and thanks to and now Premium Boutique, I can have my own dinosaur menagerie!

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