Nails: Essie in Starry Starry Night

Tuesday 23 February 2016 by

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Sometimes you just need something sparkly to cheer you up. Which is why Essie’s Starry Starry Night, £5.99 from Boots, is part of their Retro Revival collection and is a brilliant glittery polish. Two quick layers of this and you have bright blue party nails! I love how bright the blue is – in the bottle it looks like a dark midnight shade, but on the nails it’s more of a royal blue. The glitter – silver and pale blue – makes it look like the cosmos on your fingers. I’m not even sure I need an excuse to wear this, just any day will be fine. It gets stares and compliments even on the tube, so for £5.99 a bottle, I’m never taking this thing off. Essie, of course, is one of the best out there, with strong polishes that rarely chip and confident, delicious colours that suit every season and every occasion. I’m so pleased to see their Retro Revival collection bringing back some of the classics. Starry Starry Night is perhaps the boldest of the six colours, and the perfect addition to my own personal range.

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