Sunday Musings

Sunday 20 March 2016 by

Sunday Inspiration

Inspiration, Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho



Sunday Wishing

Wishlist, Fashion, Book, The Shore, Sara Taylor, Whistles, ASOS, Beats by Dre, Music, Gourmet Burger Kitchen


1 Whistles daisy print silk dress, £160 £95

2 Beats by Dre Solo2 wireless headphones in rose gold, £269.95

3 ASOS Make Waves brogues, £25

4 The Shore by Sara Taylor, £8.99

5 Peanut butter milkshakes from Gourmet Burger Kitchen



Sunday Eating

Lantana Cafe, Camden, London, Brunch

This week, grab your brunch at Lantana Café, who have spots in Fitzrovia, Camden and Shoreditch. Serving up traditional brunch dishes such as French toast (with bacon, grilled banana, maple syrup and toasted pecans), it also offers plates with a twist – try the steak sandwich with beetroot and pear chutney, horseradish yoghurt, tomato and rocket. Bloody Mary’s all around!


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