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Fitness First’s classes are great and I’ve already professed the joys of BodyAttack. Another in their range of unique classes, BodyPump is similar to BodyAttack in that it works on High Intensity Interval Training to get the most from your workout.

This time though, the cardio isn’t just throwing yourself around (which is fun), it’s about using low weight loads to sculpt the muscle. As it’s a total body workout with lots of repetitions, be prepared to really work for it. This is harder than BodyAttack for me because although I can run for miles, anything to do with weights and strength I am useless. That tends to show up in this class!

Workouts involve squats and lunges with deadlifts and shoulder presses. Weights aren’t that heavy so don’t worry about overall strength, this is all about conditioning. Workouts are an hour, and you sweat for every second of it. As per usual, the team at Fitness First are brilliant – motivational and cheerful, giving you the option for an easier version of the move or an alternative if you don’t feel up to it. But if you go often enough you’ll find yourself working up to the main exercises.

The most amazing thing about it is that you start to see results pretty much straight away. Okay, so the DOMS are madness and you will find yourself shuffling around, but as long as you make sure you warm up and cool down properly you’ll recover quickly enough. The toning kicks in straight away, so make sure you go every week and you’ll see the changes.

Monthly memberships are worth it just for their classes, and BodyPump should be top of your list!

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