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Wednesday 6 April 2016 by

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Starting out doing weights in the gym can be intimidating – there are a lot of them and it’s not always clear how to use them. But my personal trainer doesn’t let that be an excuse and has spent several sessions showing me how to get the best from weights. Unfortunately, she’s also introduced me to my nemesis – the pull-ups.

These things are the perfect move for an all over treatment. I start every weights session with a few reps of these to start the work. I use the assisted pull-up machine for now (although one day maybe I’ll be good enough to do it unassisted). Pick your assisted weight – the heavier the weight, the easier the pull-up – and kneel on the pad. Make sure your hands are equidistant on the bars; you should have an overhand grip about a shoulder-width apart, you want to be engaging your core and lats. Then draw yourself up until your chin is around level with your hands.

It’s hard as hell. I hate them, and I’m rubbish at them. The first five reps are fine, but as soon as I start on any more than that, I can only get about half way up. Even upping the weight assistance is no good, I just don’t have the upper body strength for it. But I always get competitive about these kinds of things and am determined to get it right.

Having used them just a few times, I can already do my full round of reps (eventually) and I definitely can tell the difference in my core. The only problem is, everyone else seems to be doing it better than me! That machine is my arch enemy, I swear.

Do you have a nemesis when it comes to workouts?

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  1. Loralei Haylock
    Loralei Haylock

    Press ups for me. Can’t even do one decent one. I am no where near the league of the pull up machine yet!

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