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Social Pantry, Cafe, Tea, London, Clapham, Battersea

I don’t often make it to South West London, but now I know about Social Pantry in Battersea, I’m going to be making more of an effort! This cute little café is right on Lavender Hill, with just a few tables but a brilliant menu.

Social Pantry make a big deal out of fresh, seasonal ingredients, and offer up a tasty brunch menu (the kitchen closes at 2pm), as well as fresh cakes and pastries and sandwiches. The staff are incredibly friendly, and they offer gluten free bread so you’re not missing out. There’s usually some gluten free treats at the counter too (I spotted a chocolate torte and a lavender polenta cake). The fridge is full of fresh, healthy juices and they offer free water, so no paying over the odds for a bottle of Evian. In fact, everything in here is reasonably priced – a pot of breakfast tea is just £2.20, and their brunch menu never exceeds £10. Plus, their tea comes with adorable tiny milk pails that I absolutely have to have.

The atmosphere is great – chilled music and a good use of space means you can have a relatively uninterrupted morning. There were plenty of people just sitting on their laptops or reading the newspaper without being disturbed!

I couldn’t leave Social Pantry without trying something on their brunch menu. To fulfil my current obsession with avocado and eggs (because I like to stand out from the crowd), I picked their smashed avocado with basil, chilli and lemon on toast (switch the sourdough for gluten free), which comes with two poached eggs and a roasted tomato.

This was basically a pimped brunch with fireworks. I have never tasted smashed avocado so good – I’m still dreaming about it. I was so overwhelmed by it that I had to finish it even though the portion sizes were almost too much. I loved that the free water came with mint in it to cool the spiciness of the chilli too.

With fresh salads and sandwiches every day, and adding a Social Pantry twist to things as simple as beans on toast (try cannellini, kidney and butter beans in a Cajun tomato sauce on for size), it’s clear to see why this cute café has been voted one of the best places to eat in Battersea and Clapham!

Social Pantry also cater events, offer office delivery and have a great takeaway menu – including a picnic for two – so make sure you check them out.

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