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Joyeux Bordel, London, Shoreditch, Cocktails

If you live in London and run a blog, it’s kind of obligatory to love cocktails. So I feel overjoyed to discover Joyeux Bordel in Shoreditch, the new-ish club from the Experimental Cocktail Club. Meaning “happy brothel”, this is a bijou basement bar with dark blue walls and knee-height tables. The staff are friendly and helpful, the atmosphere ideal for cocktails.

The menu itself is brief – just a handful of cocktails to choose from – but you can ask for your own and the staff are more than happy to help. In fact, when one of my friends didn’t want to drink alcohol, they threw together some rather delicious mocktails.

This is the best place for an evening of cocktails – my favourite was the Folly Ditch (gin, orgeat syrup, lime, Angostura bitters and eucalyptus). The music is played on vinyl (but also check when there’s live music!) and adds to the atmosphere. The whole thing feels very smooth and cool.

I booked for a table of 20, and although there is a minimum spend, it’s easy to make it because the cocktails are delicious. There is a dress code – no trainers – and someone on the door to check (although they are super friendly). Any questions, the staff are on hand to help, and there is table service if you want it, rather than queueing at the bar. The bar itself is quite small, and this is a popular place, so you can be waiting for a good while before getting served if you decide against table service.

I loved every second of this place. Unfortunately, the tables are the wrong height for much, but the stools and benches are comfortable enough, with the perfect shaped alcoves to gather for a sophisticated party. The music is great, the décor is spot on, and the cocktails are enchanting. Joyeux indeed.

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