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I’m always looking for new recipes and easy ways to eat healthily, and I’ve been a fan of Deliciously Ella for a while. Which is why I love her app. Quick, easy recipes on your phone? Amazing! Divided in to breakfasts, smoothies and juices, mains, salads, snacks and sides, and desserts, it features some of the familiar favourites from her blog.

Ella focuses on clean, balanced eating. Her recipes are delightfully easy (even if some of the ingredients are hard to get hold of – baobab, anyone?) and insanely tasty. A few favourites include the acai, berry and baobab breakfast bowl and the roasted red pepper hummus (although I don’t include the jalapeño pepper as I can’t deal with spice!)

The app is really reasonably priced, just £2.99, and includes over 200 recipes to try. Predictably, the baking recipes are the most popular, with guilt-free things like sweet potato brownies and slightly naughtier recipes for banoffee pie. Even better, you can basically plan your entire week of food around these recipes. There’s not an awful lot of meat involved (there’s none), but it’s easy to add chicken or salmon to a lot of the mains, but the idea is to avoid anything too processed and heavy.

Cheaper than a recipe book, and regularly updated, Deliciously Ella’s app is the perfect addition to the cooking repertoire. Just make sure you can get the more unusual ingredients first!

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